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Front Door Colours & Their Definitions

What does your front door colour say about your home ?

Did you know that the color you paint your front door can say a lot about you ? Most people paint their front door a color that compliments the rest of their home, while some chose a bolder color to attract attention. No matter what your preference, there is a chance it will have a psychological affect on someone. Here’s what door colors have to say for themselves.

Blue – Doors that are painted blue show that the family is calm and serene. The home is a place of refuge and comfort.

Green -If you are looking for a door that promotes harmony, then green is your color. Typically green doors promote health, safety and tranquility.

Black -Front doors that are painted black shows that the homeowner wants to demonstrate strength, power, sophistication and authority. Black doors indicate that the home is a serious place where a person of substance lives.

Red – Perhaps the most common color for front doors, red has many psychological meanings as well as a history from various religious beliefs. If you door is painted red, your home is most likely a vibrant place that is full of life, energy and excitement.

Brown – Brown doors promote natural and organic beauty. Homes that have brown doors belong to homeowners who offer warmth, stability, and reliability.

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