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Our Story


Our Story


My wife Donna and I (Russ) are originally from the U.K., we have a 14 year old son by the name of Kieran and we have been married since 2001. In 2013 we were given the opportunity to change our lives and move to Canada and we landed at Regina Airport in March 2013 to a winter of record snowfall in Saskatchewan.

My background is originally in construction and I trained as a bricklayer/mason upon leaving school but unfortunately completed my apprenticeship as the recession started and ended up out of work and involved in the transport industry. During this time I continued to build my skillset by adding Painting services to my repertoire and completing projects around my day job.

This continued in Canada to the point where we decided to turn it into a full time business with qualified tradesman carrying out the work while we concentrate on building the business.

So while there is a chance I may come to paint your property for you, it will more than likely be myself coming to complete your quote and then our skilled professionals completing your project.

Donna works on the administration side of the business and deals with invoicing, accounts etc.

We are always looking for people who are unhappy with the way their home looks so we can paint the love back into their property and make them smile again.





If you require any information on the cost of carrying out your project then please head to our pricing page, give us a call at 306-551-2425, contact us through social media or even chat with us online. You can also book us for a free quote by selecting a date and time below.


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