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Poisonous Lead Paint Dangers

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Lead Paint Dangers

A fresh coat of paint on your home can be such a rewarding feeling, especially if you have carried out the work yourself. But beware, there are dangers you need to be aware about to reduce your exposure to possibly poisonous substances.

What are the risks involved ?

Some older properties in Canada may well contain lead based paints on the walls, windows, trim etc which can be poisonous to humans. Children are particularly susceptible to this kind of poisoning as they are able to absorb lead easier into their systems.

Does your home contain lead paint ?

If your property was constructed prior to 1960 there`s every chance it contains lead paint. If construction took place prior to 1990 there is still a chance that the exterior paint on your home may contain lead. To be absolutely sure, there are labs that you can send paint chips to and have them properly analyzed.

Should you remove it or not ?

If the paint is not flaking or chipping and can`t be accessed by children then it poses very little risk at all. If it is loose or a child is able to chew it for example, then it needs to be removed using the very specific guidelines.

How to minimize the risk of poisoning

  1. Work in short periods and leave the work area if you feel any dizziness, nausea etc.
  2. Always ensure the area in which you are working is thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day and all waste is left in a sealed container marked “hazardous”. Dispose of the waste according to environmental guidelines.
  3. Keep all children and pregnant women away from the risk of any contamination at all times.
  4. Take care to reduce producing dust as much as possible.
  5. Always wear the correct protective clothing as required (goggles, mask, gloves etc).
  6. Keep the work area isolated but ventilated.
  7. Hire a professional if you have any doubts about your ability to carry out the work safely.


If you are requiring any advice or assistance you are welcome to contact Pro-Finish-Painting The Residential Repaint Specialists and we will advise where possible.


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