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How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

Below you will see the break down of how we price our home interior painting projects so you can get a good estimate of how much your project will cost.

Small Bathroom 6×6

*Wall Surface 190 Sq Ft $225.00
Ceiling Surface 36 Sq Ft $61.00
Door and Casing Per Side $45.00
Baseboard 24 Ln Ft $30.00
Small Room 10×12 *Wall Surface 350 Sq ft $375.00
Ceiling Surface 120 Sq ft $100.00
Door and Casing Per Side $45.00
Baseboard 44 Ln Ft $60.00
Medium Room 12×15 *Wall Surface 430 Sq Ft $495.00
Ceiling Surface 180 Sq Ft $120.00
Door and Casing Per Side $45.00
Baseboard 54 Ln Ft $60.00
Large Room 15×20 *Wall Surface 560 Sq Ft $695.00
Ceiling Surface 300 Sq Ft $158.00
Door and Casing Per Side $45.00
Baseboard 70 Ln Ft $80.00

*All Wall Surfaces are figured for 8′ high ceilings.

If you have 10′ high ceilings then add 25%.

If you have 12′ high ceilings then add 50%.

If you have 14′ high ceilings then add 75%.

All prices include labor and 2 coats of paint.

We also carry out exterior repaint work but the price differences can vary a lot more due to weathering factors so we have just provided an example or two below as a general guideline.


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This property was a stucco finished property we completed which unfortunately had a large amount of preparation required and cost a total of around $4400. This included pressure washing, scraping and repainting of walls and window trim plus a total of 12 repairs to the stucco before a good quality Sherwin Williams paint was applied.


This property was a rough sawn cedar siding finish which again required a large amount of pressure washing and scraping prior to painting with 3 coats of Sherwin Williams Duration paint in order to achieve the excellent looking finish at a cost of around $4900.


What things can also affect the price of your project ?

  1. Excessive preparation work, drywall repairs and installation etc.

  2. Having to remove wallpaper prior to painting.

  3. Addressing water damage prior to painting.

  4. Surface preparation over cheap paints, sanding of semi-gloss paints on walls.

  5. Painting textured ceilings.

  6. Having to prime areas prior to painting.

  7. Rooms with intricate trim/crown molding etc.

  8. Having a lot of furniture/obstacles to move prior to painting.

  9. Excessively high ceilings or difficult to access areas – entrances, hallways, foyers etc.

  10.  Multiple colors or those which may take more than 2 coats. Yellows or reds will typically take at least 3 coats to achieve a great looking finish.


Please Note – Prices are only supplied as a guide and the true cost of your project could be higher or indeed lower.





If you require any information on the cost of carrying out your project then give us a call at 306-551-2425, contact us through social media or even chat with us online. You can also book us for a free quote by selecting a date and time below.

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