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Should Your Pay More For Quality Paint ?

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Is top quality paint worth the investment ? Should you be splurging on something as simple as a coat of paint ? Here we try to answer a few questions about high end products and why they are sometimes worth the money.


What makes some paints more expensive than others ?

A higher solids content is the straight and simple answer to that question. Paint is made from 3 elements, pigment, binder and a solvent which dissipates during the drying process. The binder and the pigment combine to create your paint film so the more solids your paint has, the better the covering qualities of the product.

To give you a better idea of the correct investment you need to look at the space you are painting. If you buy a cheap paint with less solids are you going to need to buy more paint to achieve the same level of coverage. If not then the lower priced paint is always an option but if you are going for a complete colour change, a cheaper paint will not achieve the same results with the same amount of product.


Exterior painting – blow the budget !!


The exterior of your home where buying the best paint possible is always the right way to go. You can spend $5000-$6000 on an exterior paint project every 7 years and your property will look fine and have great protection. However, you can spend around $8000 on an exterior paint project and only have to paint every 12-13 years which is a much better investment in the long run. A top quality exterior paint will not only last longer but due to its superior construction it will provide greater protection from the increasingly common weather extremes.

There are so many different options out there when it comes to exterior paints we will just highlight one of our favourites. We have experienced the most favourable results using a paint from the Sherwin Williams range called Duration. It always provides a great finished product and with our 7 Year Warranty we provide, we know we are rarely going to have call back issues due to its superior quality.


Interior painting – choose carefully !


Choosing your interior paint depends a great deal on your home environment and what goes on in your home. If you have small children running around all day you may want to invest in more higher priced, durable and washable paints. If however the foot traffic in your home is very low you can usually get away with downgrading on price slightly but at Pro-Finish-Painting we always recommend to buy the best you can. The same advice is given in this area regarding colour changes and you may want to consider a base coat of tinted primer if you are choosing to buy a lower priced paint. This will help to ensure that you get full coverage when switching between drastically different colours or applying colours such as red or yellow which typically take more than two coats to cover.

If you`re looking for an extremely durable and washable finish we would recommend an enamel product, especially on areas like doors and trim which are susceptible to knocks and scrapes. Enamels are higher quality products which can be oil or water based and are usually higher in cost but definitely provide advanced protection where needed.

For ceilings you can definitely save money by buying a flat, white paint which almost every manufacturer will have there own versions of. Our favourite paint for ceilings is X-Pert Ceiling Paint from Dulux, it always gives us the right results for every customer.


If you require and more help or advice on any upcoming project you may have then please get in touch. You can call us on 306-551-2425, through our website or at any of our social media channels.

Alternatively, we have some great information on our blog here if you simply want some answers to your unanswered questions. Here at Pro-Finish-Painting we are always happy to be of service and look forward to educating and assisting wherever possible.


Garage Color Choices For Your Home

What is the best color to paint a garage?


With well-chosen garage paint you will create an inviting environment that can increase your home’s value. When choosing your garage paint color, follow these 4 simple guidelines.


1. Choose paint colours that complement each other.

The right combination of garage paint colours will make your space even more striking and an area of your home you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbours.

You inject some personality by adding a bold colour to your garage cabinets. Add a brighter paint shade to your garage’s interior door leading to your home. Or perhaps use some of the colours from the accents in your home.


2. Picking a garage wall paint colour

Freshly painted walls with the right colour can greatly improve your garage’s lighting conditions. A lighter garage wall paint colour will reflect light better, but you also have to bear in mind that a lighter shade will more easily reveal dirt and grime. Neutral colours like grey, beige, or tan will be easier to clean and maintain than a white shade. They also offer more design flexibility.

If you have condensation issues in your garage, then a more resilient exterior paint might be more ideal.


3. Getting the right garage floor colour

Make sure you choose the right type of paint for your garage floor and aim for a darker shade or a colour that compliments the walls.


4. Choosing your garage door paint colour

your front door should be your home’s focal point, so pick a garage door colour that doesn’t take attention away from it (and avoid having them the same colour)
refrain from using loud primary colours
also consider the colours of your home’s brick or siding and roofing and pick a colour that complements them.


If you need more information then you can visit our blog here for more great help and advice. Alternatively, if you would like the work carried out by a professional painting company then follow this link and reach out to us. We love to hear from people here at Pro-Finish-Painting and look forward to assisting where possible with advice, information or services.

Caulking The Exterior Of Your Property

Caulking – Why It`s A Vital Part Of Exterior Repaints

Applying caulking to your property is a critical part of any exterior painting project. Cracks or gaps around windows, doors and soffits can leave your home exposed to the elements. This leads to moisture and pests having easy access into your property creating headaches down the line.

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies your home will face when battling extreme weather conditions. Once it gets underneath paint, it causes peeling, bubbling and flaking and can even promote the development of mildew.


Which Caulk To Use

Here at Pro-Finish-Painting we would always recommend the use of elastomeric caulk for your exterior project. Its adhesive, flexible nature gives it the best sealing properties for the job at hand. You can also use polyurethane or siliconized caulks but we would always try to steer our customers toward the elastomeric option for the best finish possible.


Where Should Caulk Be Applied ?



Caulk window trim at the top and sides. Leave the bottom unsealed. This will prevent dripping and windblown water from entering the building while allowing condensation to escape. Also leave the weep holes unsealed.


Fascia Boards & Soffits

It`s so easy to overlook these areas as they are often high up or out of reach but doing the right thing in these areas will pay dividends later.  Caulk behind the fascia boards for a neat, finished appearance. It will also extend the life of your soffit and fascia boards.


Doors & Frames

A thin bead of caulk where the doorframe meets the threshold can prevent water damage here. Also caulk the areas where trim meets the door frame or siding.


For further information on exterior paint project processes you can follow this link. Alternatively, you can call a professional painting company and have them carry out the work for you.

If you have a paint or process related question you can ask them through our live chat service here. Or you can leave a question on our Facebook page and we will answer it as soon as we possibly can for you.




Bathroom Colors And Sheen Selection Assistance

Bathroom Solutions

Bathroom looking tired ? Need to spruce up those old looking colours ? Here`s a few handy pointers to types of finish and colours to point you in the right direction.

What kind of finish (sheen) to choose ?

Normally when painting walls we would advise a flat/matte finish but due to the humid nature in the bathroom, this is not the best option. An eggshell or satin finish is the solution we would suggest in order to provide a professional looking but scrubbable finish. You could always choose a semi gloss sheen finish but this tends to give a quite shiny finish to your walls and shows more imperfections.

For doors, trim or wooden mouldings in the bathroom, a semi gloss or high gloss is a perfect choice for your requirements. These sheens will not only give an excellent finish but will also provide great protection from chips and scuffs too.

Now you know what kind of sheen you need its on to the fun part, choosing colors !!

Color options for your bathroom

To begin with select your 3 favourite colors that you can narrow down your choices to. After which you should try to look at them in different lights, at different times of the day and in different parts of the bathroom. To do this the easy way you can paint a piece of plain card with each color, this gives the flexibility to move it from place to place in the room.

Spending some time with this exercise will give you the correct perspective and make choosing the right color a breeze.

It goes without saying that in a small bathroom you should try to avoid darker colors as this only makes the space appear even smaller. Pick lighter colors to maximize perspective and give the impression of space, yellows are currently very high on the list of wanted shades in a bathroom.


Still stuck ?

If you still need guidance or even need the services of a professional painting company, you can always contact us for assistance. Here at Pro-Finish-Painting we have the expertise and knowledge to point you in the right direction and complete your project.



Exterior Painting Preparation – What To Expect

It`s springtime soon and the exterior of your property is beginning to look tired. So where do you start ?

You can either tackle the work yourself or you can call a professional company to come and do it for you. Wait a minute though, how do you know what steps should be taken to prepare ? What is the process going to look like ? Here we take a brief look at some of the processes involved if you hire a professional company.

Pressure Washing

An average property over time will accumulate dust, dirt and debris on the surface over a period of time. The best way to remove all this prior to any new product being applied is to pressure wash the area to be painted. This may also result in previous paint or even part of the substrate being taken off the building too. This can be addressed in further preparation prior to painting.

Surface Preparation

This can vary depending on the type of surface you have on the exterior of your property.

Stucco may need patching repairs to be carried out to get rid of any cracks in the surface by using an elastomeric caulking. Larger holes will need a proper stucco patching repair and all windows and doors are also caulked to prevent weather penetration.

Standard wooden siding will need any repairs/replacements to be carried out first to match existing surfaces. Loose paint will be scraped off, the surface sanded and an oil based primer applied to any parts which are now bare wood prior to painting. An extra surface protectant to prevent any further peeling from the old paint may also be added at this stage.

Applying Paint

Once the preparation has been carried out correctly then 2 coats of good quality paint can be applied. If the colors are staying close to the existing ones then 2 coats should adequately cover and protect the surface. However, if you are doing a complete color change (light to dark, dark to light) a primer coat may be required first. The best solution for this would be to apply a tinted primer coat first with the 2 top coats applied afterwards. This gives the best results and complete coverage overall and also offers more protection from weathering of the surface.


If you have any questions, would like any further information or indeed want to get a free quote for a painting project then reach out to us here at Pro-Finish-Painting. You can reach us by phone on 306-551-2425, through our website or social media, you can even book your appointment online without picking up the phone by using our website booking system. We are a licensed and insured company who look forward to meeting people and going that extra mile for a great customer experience.

Top Mistakes When Hiring A Painter – Number 1


Is Your Painter Insured ?

Hiring an uninsured painter is the top mistake made by almost every homeowner when looking for a professional to complete their project. You may be thinking to yourself that its not as important if the job being completed for a few bucks less but you could not be more wrong !

Is It Really That Important ?

Okay, so you have done your due diligence and got 3 quotes for your project from painting companies for your project. The first one seems way too cheap, the second seems quite high and the third quote is higher still but is the only one carrying Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance. You can save over $300 by going with the second quote so why not ? Let me give you an example :

You have a painter working on the exterior of your property when you arrive home from work, you get out of your vehicle and walk up the path to your front door. As you reach the door, the ladder resting against your house which has not been properly secured falls over landing on you and breaking your shoulder, arm and collarbone. You are now unable to work for 6-8 weeks but at least you saved yourself $300 hiring the cheaper uninsured guy !!

Does that $300 even come close to what you will lose in income for 2 months ? Is it going to assist you in trying to recoup your costs through the courts from the guy with no insurance ? The answer to both of those questions is NO!!

Could you have paid another few hundred bucks for your paint project to be completed ? Would you have been able to claim from the insured painters insurance for your injuries and lost earnings ? The answer to both of those questions is YES!

Here at Pro-Finish-Painting we carry a $2 million CGL policy and not only that, when we turn up at your property we provide you with proof of it. Every homeowner we visit to discuss our services is presented with our client information manual, highlighting our processes, testimonials from satisfied customers and more importantly a copy of our insurance policy !!

So please, do yourselves a favour and don`t hire the cheap guy with no insurance, hire the guy that is doing it right and putting your welfare ahead of a paycheck.


For more information on the services we provide as the residential repainting specialists in Regina & Moose Jaw, reach out to us on 306-551-2425. Chat to us online or connect with us on social media. Join on Facebook where we have regular monthly prize draws and lots of fun content (it`s not all just about paint).

Poisonous Lead Paint Dangers

best regina exterior interior painters Regina Saskatchewan

Lead Paint Dangers

A fresh coat of paint on your home can be such a rewarding feeling, especially if you have carried out the work yourself. But beware, there are dangers you need to be aware about to reduce your exposure to possibly poisonous substances.

What are the risks involved ?

Some older properties in Canada may well contain lead based paints on the walls, windows, trim etc which can be poisonous to humans. Children are particularly susceptible to this kind of poisoning as they are able to absorb lead easier into their systems.

Does your home contain lead paint ?

If your property was constructed prior to 1960 there`s every chance it contains lead paint. If construction took place prior to 1990 there is still a chance that the exterior paint on your home may contain lead. To be absolutely sure, there are labs that you can send paint chips to and have them properly analyzed.

Should you remove it or not ?

If the paint is not flaking or chipping and can`t be accessed by children then it poses very little risk at all. If it is loose or a child is able to chew it for example, then it needs to be removed using the very specific guidelines.

How to minimize the risk of poisoning

  1. Work in short periods and leave the work area if you feel any dizziness, nausea etc.
  2. Always ensure the area in which you are working is thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day and all waste is left in a sealed container marked “hazardous”. Dispose of the waste according to environmental guidelines.
  3. Keep all children and pregnant women away from the risk of any contamination at all times.
  4. Take care to reduce producing dust as much as possible.
  5. Always wear the correct protective clothing as required (goggles, mask, gloves etc).
  6. Keep the work area isolated but ventilated.
  7. Hire a professional if you have any doubts about your ability to carry out the work safely.


If you are requiring any advice or assistance you are welcome to contact Pro-Finish-Painting The Residential Repaint Specialists and we will advise where possible.


Front Door Colours & Their Definitions

What does your front door colour say about your home ?

Did you know that the color you paint your front door can say a lot about you ? Most people paint their front door a color that compliments the rest of their home, while some chose a bolder color to attract attention. No matter what your preference, there is a chance it will have a psychological affect on someone. Here’s what door colors have to say for themselves.

Blue – Doors that are painted blue show that the family is calm and serene. The home is a place of refuge and comfort.

Green -If you are looking for a door that promotes harmony, then green is your color. Typically green doors promote health, safety and tranquility.

Black -Front doors that are painted black shows that the homeowner wants to demonstrate strength, power, sophistication and authority. Black doors indicate that the home is a serious place where a person of substance lives.

Red – Perhaps the most common color for front doors, red has many psychological meanings as well as a history from various religious beliefs. If you door is painted red, your home is most likely a vibrant place that is full of life, energy and excitement.

Brown – Brown doors promote natural and organic beauty. Homes that have brown doors belong to homeowners who offer warmth, stability, and reliability.

Pro-Finish-Painting are the residential repaint specialists in Regina, Saskatchewan. Why not give us a call for all your home painting requirements, or even help and advice for the DIY fans looking for answers. We can be reached on 306-551-2425 or by email, social media or live chat on our website. You can even book an appointment directly for a free quote by clicking here and following the link provided.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest and HGTV

Basic Interior Painting Tips

Best interior painting contractors Regina Saskatchewan

It`s all about the sheen !

The sheen of an interior paint is the finish, or in regularterms, how shiny the paint is once its dried and on your walls, ceilings, trim etc. Sheen levels start with a flat paint, rising to eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss finishes. A professional painting company will be able to advise you as to the best sheen for the particular area you are painting. For example, a high traffic area will need a satin or eggshell type finish for durability but not too much sheen as to show up any imperfections on the wall. A flat paint will hide most imperfections but will not have the washability of a higher sheen paint.

Be brave with your colours

Putting a big, bold colour on the exterior of your home is not an option most people tend to choose. The interior however is a much different case altogether, you can be as imaginitive as you like with your bold colour choices there. Go with colours which accentuate your rooms and add depth to them but try to avoid darker colours. These will give an impression of a much smaller space once your project is completed. Try to select a lighter range of colours to enhance your space and give an appearance of roominess. A professional company will either be able to advise you on colours or you may even choose to seek the advice of a colour consultant first too.

Don`t forget to prime first ! 

You should always remember to prime as necessary prior to painting to achieve a uniform finish. If your wall is stained or you are carrying out a major colour change then priming first is an absolute must. Advice on primers can be found in this article if you are unsure or call your local professional for information.

You can always call in the professionals

While you can achieve a great looking paint job yourself, you can always enlist the services of a professional company like Pro-Finish-Painting. Professional companies have the skills, knowledge and equipment to carry out your project much quicker and to a high standard every time. Pick up the phone and call if you need help or advice we`ll be more than happy to assist you.


Stucco Painting Tips

Stucco Painting Tips

If you really want to make your home stand out from the crowd in your neighbourhood, you cant really go wrong by giving the exterior stucco a fresh new look by repainting it, especially if your stucco is faded, cracked or damaged. As well as enhancing the appearance of your home (and making all your neighbours jealous) there is another plus side to repainting the exterior of your home, it offers great protection from the elements such as wind, rain, snow and sun.

How often will your home exterior need repainting ?

How often you need to paint will greatly be affected by how much your property is exposed to the elements, how well the surface was prepared prior to painting and indeed, the quality of the paint applied to the surface. On average, if all these steps are followed correctly then you should normally be looking around the 5-7 year mark between repaints although some colours may be prone to fading more quickly than others.

Will you save money buying cheaper quality paint ?

If you`re the kind of person who really enjoys painting then firstly you should be applying to join our team at www.profinishonline.ca/joinourteam and secondly and more seriously, if you don’t mind painting your exterior more often then purchasing a slightly lower grade product is an option for you. That being said, it is unlikely you would save much money overall painting twice instead of just the once. At Pro-Finish-Painting we would recommend you spend at least $30 a gallon on paint if you want a finish which doesn’t have you climbing the ladders again for 5-7 years.

Preparing your stucco for repainting

Of course you can spend a lot of money on paint per gallon to achieve the best results possible, but that is all in vain if you do not prepare the surface correctly first.

The stucco should first be pressure washed to remove any dirt or debris from the surface, this will also remove any loose paint there may be and show any areas where the stucco may be cracked or damaged too. In our experience, it is at this point where the full extent of the work required is truly revealed. You can see an example of a property which required extensive repairs to cracks and holes then took 3 coats of paint to achieve a professional finish here.

Efflorescence will show itself as a white powdery substance on the surface and can be easily taken off with a good, strong wire brush.

For cracks we highly recommend the use of an elastomeric caulking (your local paint store will help you with this). It has the ability to cope with a far higher level of movement from the building than standard caulking has. Always wipe off excess caulking with a damp sponge and if possible, throw a little fine sand at the repair before it dries to reduce the appearance of the repair to the surface.

Best practice for applying paint to stucco

If your property is on the smaller side then a roller is perfectly adequate for the task at hand. Go with a larger nap of roller (we recommend a 1 inch nap), this will assist greatly in getting the paint all the way into the texture of the surface.

For larger properties you may wish to consider renting an airless sprayer as it will make the project pass much easier and quicker. If you decide to take this step then you will still need to use a roller over the sprayed surface to get the paint all the way into the texture but also, back rolling as this technique is known will also give a more uniform finish to your final product.

Finally, while one coat may give you a certain level of coverage, we would always recommend applying a minimum of 2 coats.

If you have any questions, need any advice or indeed have a painting project you need carried out, the friendly staff at Pro-Finish-Painting will be only to happy to assist you. Give us a call today for a superb contractor experience where a happy customer is our number one priority.






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